What is Food Truck Booking?

In the last 15 years, the food truck industry has grown tremendously, and gone from mostly Taco Trucks to incorporating almost all types of cuisine. Food trucks have taken the country by storm, and are now a common sight in every major city across the US.

An industry like this can go only grow so drastically because of one thing: increasing demand. Once food trucks began serving higher quality food, they became a hot commodity. Not only as a place to purchase a unique meal, but as a great addition to any event, party, or gathering. Due to their fruitful designs and easy mobility, food trucks act as an exciting alternative to a traditionally catered meal. But, because food trucks are all over the place, and are quite often their own company, getting a specific truck can be quite the hassle. For many years, contacting the truck directly was really the only way to get a truck at your business or event. This proved costly with regards to time, because even finding the best way to contact a truck can sometimes be difficult and time consuming.  As well as no vetting process to ensure the truck you choose will deliver everything they promise to.

This is where the food truck booking industry steps in. Food Trucks PHX acts as the intermediary between the truck and those looking to find the best food trucks to have at their events. Trucks are able to save time by being able to focus solely on their craft, and not finding new gigs and opportunities to keep the money coming in. We at Food Trucks PHX also vet every single truck in our network, to guarantee high quality food and a perfectly executed event.

We here at Food Trucks PHX are at the forefront of the ever growing need for food truck booking, and are leading a new wave of food service into the next decade. Be sure to give us a call or send us an email to see exactly how easy and cheap it has become to get an amazing food truck at any event!


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